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Talking with Dave Ferguson

February 20, 2007

During the recent Coast-to-Coast Multi-Site Conference, I found a few minutes to talk with Dave Ferguson moments before his closing keynote. We chatted about the new book, The Big Idea, of course. Listen in on the latest feedback they’re hearing and what is next for the Big Idea team.

[Download MP3 audio of this interview]

Show notes: New Thing; Big Idea Online; Dave Ferguson’s blog .

[update] Pat Masek (of Community Christian Church) enthusiastically typed up a fast transcript of the interview, and you can read it online. Thank you, Pat!

As an aside, one of the recurring questions about church life is: what about the children? Whether your church’s approach is more programmatic or more organic, adults and children have different ways of engaging and processing content. The Big Idea provides a powerful way to naturally connect family members, according to the raves at the Multi-Site Kids blog:

What excites me most about THE BIG IDEA is how it naturally creates teachable moments for the family. Here at CCC, the entire family experiences one BIG IDEA each weekend. Hopefully this alignment increases the chances of families having spiritual conversations at home. THE BIG IDEA sets parents up for success as they take ownership for the spiritual development of their children.

Be sure to visit the Multi-Site Kids blog for more insights about children’s ministry!

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