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Talking about Evangelism with Cedar Creek’s Lee Powell

July 24, 2013

Monday night in Boulder, Colorado was spectacular. The balmy temperatures coupled with a radient full-moon made for a spectacular backdrop to a reception for the participants of Leadership Network’s “One Day with Jim Collins.” I was glad to connect and catch up with Lee Powell, senior pastor at Cedar Creek Church in Toledo. Lee and Cedar Creek were part of a recent Missional Renaissance Leadership Community led by Reggie McNeal and me. Cedar Creek is known for its effective evangelism and the people at Cedar Creek believe that God uses lots of people, circumstances and events to bring people to himself. So a waitress might come to church and trust Christ because she heard people in the restaurant talking about helping their neighbors. This might be coupled with seeing a 1 minute TV commercial on loving Toledo. So when a friend invites her to church, there is a backdrop of curiosity and credibility. On Sunday night Cedar Creek baptized approximately 500 new believers during an outdoor celebration–very cool indeed, even for a multi-site church. When I asked Lee about their creative approach to evangelism he talked about their unrelenting commitment to evangelism. Lee also had insight into why people came to Christ. People came to Christ because:

  • Something was broken
  • Something was missing
  • Something had changed

Very good insight. That’s very helpful to know. Cedar Creek is pretty intentional about tracking why people come to Christ and most everybody comes to Christ through those avenues.into the kingdom. Cedar Creek is an outlier in evangelism. Last year they saw over a thousand people come to faith. We at Leadership Network are very curious to know what churches are doing to lead people to Christ. In 2014 Brent Dolfo and I will be launching a two-year initiative called New Evangelistic Paradigms Innovation Community. In the meantime we are looking for churches like Cedar Creek who may be laying down the breadcrumbs for increased effectiveness in evangelism. If you are part of a church that seems to be getting different results or know of a church that is, we’d like to talk with you. Please contact and we’ll set up a time on the phone

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