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Strong Leadership Training Found at Large Attendance Church in Kiev, Ukraine

August 2, 2011

In addition to keeping an online list of global megachurches [], I’m trying to visit and worship with as many of the world’s largest-attendance Protestant churches as possible. In the past I’ve blogged about my times with the largest-attendance church in China, Singapore, and Korea. Last year I was at Kingsway , one of Western Europe’s most crowded churches, and now recently I was privileged to attend a very large church in Kiev, Ukraine, which is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest churches.

The photo shows my wife Michelle and me standing with Pastor Sunday Adelaja and his wife Bose in front of a mural depicting what they hope their future church building will look like, and also their vibrant Sunday afternoon worship service. Interestingly, the congregation is almost entirely white Ukrainian and the pastor is from Nigeria, preaching in Ukrainian (but he speaks English as well, and a translator helped us follow the Ukrainian segments).

The church, known as the Embassy of God [], was started in 1994 and has grown exponentially.


Their status in 2011 includes 796 churches:


* 430 Embassy of God churches all over the world (classical churches)

* 366 social churches

* 22,594 church members of local churches (not including social churches)

In addition they sponsor:

* 620 public organizations

* 127 educational centers (Bible Schools, etc)

* 168 rehabilitation centers

* 161 churches (groups) in prisons

* 4,303 trained leaders

I’m most intrigued by that latter statistic: the number of people they develop and how they do so. They call their pathway of people development a leadership ladder. I believe they’ve found a highly reproducible model, and I’m now in the process of learning more about it. Stay tuned!

To learn more, please see my global list of the world’s largest churches at

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