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Strategies for Investing in Your Community: How Churches Are Leveraging Their Impact

March 4, 2015

externally_focused_churchLeadership Network’s concept paper, Strategies for Investing in Your Community:  How Churches are Leveraging Their Impact, previously published by Krista Petty,  shows how externally focused churches take the resources they have and pour them into the community. These churches don’t just pour out resources carelessly because staff time, volunteers and dollar resources are limited. Churches are constantly weighing the risks and rewards of community ministry and must invest prayerfully, strategically, and compassionately–making wise plans that yield results. Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“Externally focused churches are constantly weighing and measuring the risks and rewards or working in the community.”

“Churches must invest prayerfully, strategically, and compassionately and make wise plans that yield results.”

“Every time we open the doors of our building, we are open to liabilities, but our vision is to be a place where people can find God in many different ways.”

“Betterment ministries tend to create positive, caring, beneficial environments and relationships that offer participants respite or positive experiences.”

“So many people are connected with schools—kids of all ages, families, teachers, principals, school board, etc. We’ve seen how coming together to serve our schools, specifically teachers, gives us the opportunity to meet and get to know our community.”

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