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Story Based Training for Courageous Coaching

January 25, 2013


I recently finished a small press book, Courageous Conversations: At Work, At Home, that deserves a national scale hearing. It is full of practical tips, couched in engaging, individual story formats. Each tip helped me to improve my personal communication habits. The stories also helped me discover the huge difference made by the attitudes and expectations I bring into conversations.

My biggest benefit from reading this book has been to take personal responsibility for the result of every conversation I have, in a way that prevents me from walking away feeling like a victim. If a conversation doesn't have the outcome I had hoped, maybe it's because I didn't frame it well or apply any of the six fundamentals of listening which are clearly described in this book (and which we may not have ever experienced in the educational system).

The book also offers several specific techniques that show the reader how to listen better and be a coach in doing so.
Two places you can order Courageous Conversations are from Amazon or from the publisher.

  Author Peter deLisser      .


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