Multiplication Center

The STIR – Episode 5 – Greg Ligon and Multisite Acceleration

May 9, 2018

Another edition of THE STIR – our podcast with host Dave Travis and featuring Greg Ligon

Notes from this episode:

  • Notes on our Accelerators
  • Rethink partnerships – one of the keys to expansion
  • Think about other people’s spaces – you don’t have to own in order to operate
  • The coming expansion to prisons and jails
  • Building projects together with other ministries
  • Rethinking multiplication
  • Not just adding campuses but adding resources to other churches and build broader movements
  • The Leadership Network Portable Church Report on young pastors and multiplication –
  • Digital – Cross Roads – underwear, anywhere, everywhere
  • For more information on our accelerators –

14 minutes of goodness. 54 seconds of “meh.”


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