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Steven Furtick: Find Your Rocks

May 6, 2011

Embrace your uniqueness! We live in a culture of carbon copy. Mediocrity is mass-produced, but destiny is custom designed. It is a good thing to imitate the faith of others (Hebrews). When you embrace the thing that makes you unique, you become powerful. We spend most of our life trying to stamp out our uniqueness. When you embrace your uniqueness, when you surrender your life to your anointing, that’s when God beings to open doors. Church planting consultants said the way I preach wasn’t going to connect with this modern audience. So I bought into the reality that I needed to be like other people who were reaching people for Christ. I Samuel 17 – David shook off Israel’s finest equipment and said, “Give me my rocks.” The game changer is the day when everything fell apart and God gave me this realization that all I need are my rocks. Find the unique thing that God made you able to do. We get so confused. In trying to learn from everybody, we try to live up to the expectations of others and operate in the gifts of others. God will never hold you accountable for something He called someone else to do. What’s that unique anointing/calling? Once you find it, don’t apologize for it. Don’t back down from it, or be intimidated away from it. When you find your uniqueness, leverage it for the glory for God.

Discussion Questions:
1.On a sheet of paper, sketch out your “rocks.” Those things that make you unique.
2. What are some of the ways you’ve been trying to operate in someone else’s gifting?

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