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Staffing for Stewardship

January 17, 2014

Churches throughout the United States are not only taking the Bible’s teaching on stewardship and generosity more seriously, they are also developing creative new staff roles to help integrate the value of generosity into all aspects of congregational life. All have one thing in common-a renewed focus on generosity is creating blessings for those who give and receive.
Leadership Network’s concept paper, Staffing for Stewardship: Innovative churches Are exploring new Pathways for Incorporating Stewardship , Previously published by Alexis Wilson Explores this Important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“We realized we needed to challenge people in all areas of stewardship.”

“Stewardship is the understanding that everything belongs to God, and we are just managers of his resources.”

“The heart of stewardship is that everything belongs to God, and we get to take care of it.”

“That is the way that we should live every day giving our money away like it’s about to be worthless.”

“Do not go it alone. Find others who are walking this road, and build your ministries together.”



To learn about a Leadership Network of InnovationLab Several churches focused on Creating a Culture of Stewardship and generosity, Check out the Generosity Churches Leadership Community webpage . ( Chris Willard , Director)

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