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Speed Up Progress on Your Church’s Biggest Goals and Save

November 21, 2016

What are your church’s biggest goals for 2017?  These are the two or three “great” things that will require a disproportionate investment of your time, focus, energy and resources in the coming year—initiatives that have the potential to propel the mission of your church forward in exciting and measurable ways.

When it comes to the hundreds of churches and thousands of leaders we serve each year, we’ve observed that most goals fall into one of four buckets:

Reach Goals.  However you frame it, the primary objective of every church is to reach more people with the Gospel.  Whether it’s the people across the street or around the world, or specific segments of our culture or your city, you likely have a specific “reach” goal for 2017 that is front of mind and deserving of a heroic effort.

Change Goals.  Many leaders feel called to effect change around them in individual lives, neighborhoods, cities, societies, or nations.  A great investment of your influence and resources is required over time to see this kind of impact.  What change are you looking to be in the world around you?


Develop Goals.  A big part of the Church’s “business” is people development.  From the transformational, lifelong process of becoming more like Christ, to the capacity-stretching progression of leadership development, goals for developing people rank highest among high-impact leaders and churches.

Multiply Goals.  Leaders realize that a bold vision cannot be reached through addition.  It takes the multiplication of groups, sites, churches, and networks.  What are you looking to multiply in 2017?

Regardless of which goals top your list for the coming year, we have an experience that will help you achieve those goals more quickly and effectively.  In addition, until the end of the year we have an opportunity that will save you money on some of those experiences as well.

HUB is Leadership Network’s dynamic, peer-based experience that puts like-minded leadership teams in the same room with expert thinkers and practitioners to exchange ideas, gain insights, and accelerate results.  To put it another way, you bring your vision, and we put it in a rich environment that accelerates your learning and multiplies your impact over the next 12 months.

In 2017, HUB teams will be engaged in strategic conversations around the following topics:

  • Discipleship
  • Generous Churches
  • Leadership Development
  • Marriage and Healthy Relationships
  • Millennials, Nones, and the Next Generation
  • Missional Engagement
  • Multisite

Teams that register and pay for a 2017 HUB experience before the end of the year receive a $1000 discount off current registration prices.  Simply include the discount code HUBEOY16 when registering.  To start a conversation with one of our Directors, click on the button below to view our HUB topics.



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