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Small group haters – Read this

January 31, 2009

I saw some comments recently in some blogs from some fairly
prominent church leaders that said: “Any pastor that tells you they
have more than 35% of their people in small groups is a liar.” A lot of
folks chimed in agreeing with them.

From the source of the
comments, I would describe most of their churches as very focused on
the weekend services and getting folks “in the door.”

At the
recent innovation3 conference my buddy Larry Osborne, totally unaware
of those recent blog and twitters came up to tell me that North Coast
had really hit a growth edge again. Up 1000 people since last year at
the same time. (They added three new more venue opportunities this
month) But more importantly, the small group launch had 86% of their
people enrolled right now.

Now he knows that for the next few weeks that percentage will drop to get down to their “normal” 80%.

North Coast doesn't add venues (the weekend stuff) unless they can maintain 80% in their small groups.

They want to keep and grow people that God is bringing them.

I am not putting down leaders that aren't small group oriented. Perhaps
you have some great ways to continue to disciple,teach and grow your
people. Great.

But before you start throwing out stats based on your own methods that are not working, why not look at some of those that are?

Fortunately – there is The Sticky Church Conference to help folks along.
There is one on March 31 in Chicago area and May 11 in Atlanta area.

And do yourself a favor and get the book too.

Sticky church

Sticky Church

(Full disclosure: This is a Leadership Network Innovation Series book and Larry is a long-time friend)

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