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6 Innovative Ideas to Help Your Church Impact the Community

May 27, 2014

Did you miss any of these feature articles over the last few months? Each contains a reproducible, adaptable innovation that might help your church.

Church Makes Community Splash—Literally

Oasis 3

Pastor Vern Streeter wanted Harvest Church to be so relevant to its Billings, MT, community that the church helped build a $5 million water park for the city. Their unusual contribution is not the only crazy thing they’ve done. Harvest’s leaders want to continue meeting the greatest needs of their city in hopes of swaying the most skeptical of hearts toward Jesus Christ…


Churches Helping Launch Charitable Health Care Clinics

clinic front

 As a career medical professional, Hilary Nicholson thought the idea of a charitable health care was laughable—that is, until a “divine appointment” and a partnership between her local church and a national organization fueled the launch of an innovative, life-changing ministry in her community…



Innovative Hackathons Mobilize Techies for God’s Kingdom

Code For The Kingdom (blue+white on black) landscape(1)

“Twelve years ago, I was an atheist who adamantly denied God, and I would have never seen myself using computer programming to help facilitate studying and understanding God’s Word,” said one of the participating programmers at the first Leadership Network Code for the Kingdom hackathon.  “I feel so blessed that God has redeemed this skill…”


Colorado Churches Change the Adoption Equation


LifeBridge ChurchLongmont, CO, has found an innovative approach to a major challenge. Partnering with at least 30 other churches as well as state and local governments, LifeBridge is helping reduce the number of children who are waiting for a “forever family” in Colorado’s child welfare system, going from 875 kids on a waiting list 6 years ago to 275 children today. That’s nearly a 70% reduction in waiting children…


Spanish Not Required — Preconceived Ideas May Create Roadblocks for Reaching Hispanics


In recent years a profound shift has occurred in this American people group: the majority of U.S. Hispanics are also proficient in English according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Churches are beginning to recognize this emerging paradigm as a wonderful opportunity for seeing Latinos come to Christ in increasing numbers…


Creating a Culture Where Leadership Development Is the Norm

MICHAEL-03Pastor Michael Fletcher identified a serious problem at Manna Church, Fayetteville, NC: the lack of leadership development was continually holding the church back. He decided not just to address it, but to emphasize it to the point that leadership development became the norm…













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