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Shawn Lovejoy: Sola Scriptura

July 29, 2011

Sola Scriptura

The church has undergone the most innovative decade in the history of the American church. – Some great things have come out of that. – Honest — we have not tapped largely more so into the unchurched population than before Going into the second decade of the 2000 there seems to be an aversion by unchurched people to the slickest technology, trends and marketing being employed by the fastest growing churches in American. Does the church need something new in the next 10 years? Or do we need something old? Does the church need more innovation? Or do we need a new reformation? Reformation was a re-form of God’s people and God’s church around God’s Word as the chief and ultimate source of faith and practice. Does that apply to the church in 2010 and beyond? We recognized even as a baby church we needed to re-form around God’s Word as the driver in our discussions for faith and practice. We are going “old school.” We are going anti-slick. We are not seeking to be the trendiest anymore. Our church is more committed to reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ than ever before. We are doing creative things in our church. It’s just no longer the driving force in our discussions. It’s secondary. Innovation is always a good thing up to the point that it becomes a substitution for reformation. Continually re-forming our hearts and our church around God’s dream expressed through God’s Word for us and for His body. Shifted our focus toward being a gospel-oriented community. That very shift has caused us to become the most innovative church in our community again.

Discussion Questions: 1. Estimate how much time you spend on “innovation,” trends, and technology in a given week. Compare that to your estimate on time in God’s Word. 2. Do you need to repent for letting innovation and technology and trends take higher priority than God’s Truth?

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