Bruce Miller

WEEK 7 - Ministry decisions: membership, baptism, and serving

Before You Get Started

Welcome to session 7 of the course on Leading your Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning. In session 6 we considered how help people in your church who are uncomfortable and struggling with this topic.  Now in session 7 we are asking how to handle practical ministry questions in the local church around belonging such as membership, baptism and serving.

Below you will find a video that you can watch on your own or with your team, followed by your challenge for this session and discussion questions.

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Video Seven: Ministry decisions: membership, baptism, and serving

This Week's Challenge...

  1. Discover your church’s approach to membership, baptism (baby dedication) and serving. Talk with a pastor not to challenge your church’s approach but to understand it.

  2. If you have not joined your church, been baptized as an adult believer or begun serving in your church, prayerfully consider each one. Then make a choice to join, be baptized or serve, or perhaps serve in a new role.

Discuss With Your Team...

  1. Why do you think belonging is such a deep issue for many people?

  2. Are there ways your church might inadvertently be expressing a double standard in regard to LGBT+ people in some aspect(s) of your ministries?

  3. Would you say your church is more high-bar or low-bar in regard to church membership?

  4. If you have the authority to give input into these decisions, discuss: How will you handle baptism for LGBT+ people? What about Baby dedication or baptism?

  5. How will you approach serving and leading opportunities for LGBT+ people?


Have any questions about this masterclass?  Please contact Kate Lincoln on our support team. She’ll be happy to assist!