Bruce Miller

WEEK 5- Talking like Jesus . . . about sexual sin

Before You Get Started

Welcome to session 5 of the course on Leading your Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning. In session 4 we considered how to live relationally holy. So, now in session 5 we are asking how do talk about these matters and have healthy conversations?

Below you will find a video that you can watch on your own or with your team, followed by your challenge for this session and discussion questions.

In this session we will take a close look at three conversations Jesus had with sexual sinners, and then powerful principles found in the New Testament Epistles which impact our posture and tone beyond our positions and theology.

Blessings in Christ,


Video Five: Talking like Jesus . . . about sexual sin

This Week's Challenge...

  1. Read the stories of Jesus’ communication as if he were talking to a gay person in John 4, John 8 and Luke 7. Make notes of how insights on how Jesus handled the conversations that could help you in your conversations.

  2. Empathy is so powerful. If you are not gay, imagine that you are. What would it feel like as you grow up to gradually realize that you are not attracted to the opposite sex but to your own gender? If you were raised in church and were a Christian, how would it trouble you? What might you fear? Write a letter to a parent or a youth leader sharing your feelings, as if you were this teenager.

Discuss With Your Team...

  1. Generally speaking, do LGBT+ people in your church feel free to be open about their sexuality, at least with a pastor or a leader in the church? Do parents feel safe to talk about their children who have come out of the closet? Why or why not?

  2. What principles of communication with LGBT+ people do you glean from Jesus in John chapter 4?

  3. Which of Jesus’ two statements to the woman in John 8 comes to your mind first and fastest? How can we communicate both messages in our church conversations?

  4. In reading the story in Luke 7, how could you lead your church or ministry to become more like Jesus?

  5. What could be a Christlike, loving response to a person who comes out of the closet to you?


Have any questions about this masterclass?  Please contact Kate Lincoln on our support team. She’ll be happy to assist!