Bruce Miller

WEEK 4 - Ways of living relationally holy lives as gay people

Before You Get Started

Welcome to session 4 of the course on Leading your Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning. In session 3 we considered what it means to be gay and what the Bible says about that. So, now in session 4 we are asking how do you live a holy life as gay person?

Below you will find a video that you can watch on your own or with your team, followed by your challenge for this session and discussion questions.

In this fourth session we consider God-honoring ways to live as a gay person. Some of these will likely stretch your thinking.

Blessings in Christ,


Video Four: Ways of living relationally holy lives as gay people

This Week's Challenge...

  1. Talk with a gay celibate Christian and ask about their life experience. If you do not know such a person, go to one of several web sites and listen to the stories of several people.; If you have more time, read a biography or two such as …. Stories help us develop empathy, to walk in another person’s shoes and see life through their eyes.

  2. Share ideas from this video with one other person in your church with the intent to open their eyes to see more than they may have seen.

Discuss With Your Team...

  1. What pictures of a fulfilled life in Christ does your church offer to LGBT+ people?

  2. What does our theology of singleness have to do with how we think about celibacy? How would you evaluate the choice of celibacy for yourself? For others?

  3. In what ways could a more robust church family help single, celibate people experience community? In what practical ways could your church, or your ministry, improve in this area?

  4. What forms of expanded kinship partnerships have you encountered? What kinds of kinship could you imagine encouraging in your church? How might this impact your ministries and communication?

  5. Why do you think there has there been such a backlash against reparative therapy? How do you evaluate the possibility of transformation? And how would you communicate this option with proper nuance in your church?

  6. How could LGBT+ Christian men and women benefit your church if they were involved?


Have any questions about this masterclass?  Please contact Kate Lincoln on our support team. She’ll be happy to assist!