Bruce Miller

WEEK 2 - Better than Sex—Providing Theological Leadership

Before You Get Started

Welcome to session 2 of the course on Leading your Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning. My hope is that you did some deep soul-work coming out of sesson 1, facing your own sexuality, both your past and your present. May God grant you to grace to receive his forgiveness yourself, and then to give his forgiveness to those who have wounded you.

A first act of spiritual leaders is to lead by setting an example. A second step is to lead theologically, to guide people into truth. In my experience few church leaders have a robust theology of sexuality, not a topic that is covered in many Bible colleges or Bible studies. In this session we will dive into a biblical theology of sexuality.

Below you will find a video that you can watch on your own or with your team, followed by your challenge for this session and discussion questions.

You can complete these sessions at your own pace, but we will be sending you the next video and challenge each week.

We hope you benefit from this second session as we explore a biblical theology of sexuality.

Blessings in Christ,


Video Two: Better than Sex—Providing Theological Leadership

This Week's Challenge...

  1. Re-read 1 Corinthians chapter 7, and prayerfully re-consider your theology of singleness.

  2. Ask three people in your church what they think your church teaches about sexuality. Compare their responses to what you are learning.

  3. In whatever ministry you serve, look back over the teaching in the last 12 months and contrast how much applied to married couples and how much to single people.

Discuss With Your Team...

  1. What are most Christians’ views of sex? What is most often taught in our churches about sexuality?

  2. In your own words, how does the Bible depict sexuality in the Creation? The Fall? Redemption and New Creation?

  3. In your experience, how does this biblical theology of sexuality compare and contrast with typical Christian thinking? How has chapter 2’s brief survey on the progression of biblical theology of sex challenged your thinking?

  4. How do you think most people view the role of sex in marriage? What are four biblical purposes of sex in marriage? Which of the four was most surprising or important to you?

  5. How have you, or many Christians, viewed singleness as expressed in casual conversations, thoughts, and practices? What value might singles provide for Christ’s mission, and what unique insights might singles have into the Body of Christ, the local church? What could be some practical implications of this view of singleness for your life and family, for the ministries of your church?


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