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series responding to multi-site criticisms

June 9, 2008

Greg Surratt is the senior pastor of Seacoast Church,
one of the better known multi-site churches around, partly because
they’ve been doing it a little longer than others, going on six years
now. Greg started a series of blog posts responding to criticisms that
some people have about multi-site churches.

The first one he addresses is “Multi-site churches don’t produce preachers and teachers.
He goes in depth about how Seacoast Church manages its teaching and
preaching schedule, how they prepare a sermon in a team environment,
and how it also provides more opportunities to train up more teaching
& preaching pastors. Read the full post to see how Greg explains this better.

How have you responded to multi-site critics? Don’t most churches
have a primary Bible teacher anyways, regardless of whether they’re
multi-site or mono-site, big or small?

[hat tip:]

DJ Chuang, Multi-Site Churches Leadership Community Director @ Leadership Network

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