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Sergio De La Mora Leads a Heart Revolution

March 14, 2013

“The condition of your heart will always determine the course of your life” (The Heart Revolution). 
Sergio De La Mora believes that God has called him to start a heart revolution. To this leading-voice pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Diego, a heart revolution comes from experiencing the ongoing power of Christ. It results in a life marked by forgiveness and hope. It leads us to choose to move forward, keeping our heart turned toward God rather than letting the circumstances of life dictate our destiny.
When our hearts become revolutionized by the depths of God's forgiveness and love, it changes us from the inside out and affects all we do. We are revolutionized by God to become a revolutionary. “You are the greatest billboard for God to those around you,” writes Sergio De La Mora. “You have been healed to bring others to the Healer.”
His bottom-line message: You are destined for more. Don't let pain and hurt stop you. Don't stop growing.
This very readable and high-energy book is also available in Spanish: La Revolución del Corazón. There is also a supporting video, and the short chapters — 40 total — are framed so readers can use the book in a “40 day heart challenge,” whether church-wide or individually.
Pastor Sergio's passionate message is one of the pulse points in the church he founded, whose website is aptly named “”. We profiled him and Cornerstone Church in a recent issue of Leadership Network Advance.
Pastor Sergio will also be one of the participants and discussion leaders at a one-day forum October 9, 2013, in Chicago, designed for Hispanic/Latino pastors leading larger churches that are reaching primarily second generation Hispanic/Latino communities. Please click here for more information on that forum.


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