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Senior Pastors – They Only Work on Sunday, Right?

June 8, 2016

Senior Pastors have a reputation.  Some believe all they do is work on Sunday, and the rest of the week is easy.  Others believe they have one of the most unique yet stressful jobs in ministry.  After studying hundreds of pastors, Jackson Carroll in his book God’s Potters concludes:  “Being a pastor is a tough, demanding job, one that is not always very well understood or appreciated.  Pastoral work is more complex than that which transpires in the hour or so a week than many lay people see the pastor in action as she or he leads worship and preaches.”

At Leadership Network, we desire to see the church flourish, communities thrive and the whole land to prosper.  And often times, this begins with the Senior Pastor.   IMG_4250We have brought together over 17 Leader Groups of 10-12 Senior Pastors in the last 8 years.  Each group of these Senior Pastors has met together 4 times over 2 years to connect with one another, be equipped by mentors, speakers and experts in various ministry fields, and to be encouraged as they lead in their church and in their community.

We are beginning a new Next Generation Pastors in October for Senior Pastors who are age 25-42, leading a church with a weekly worship attendance of approximately 1000+.  We have a limited number of spots available for this group.  If you desire to connect with Senior Pastors in similar stages of life and ministry, be equipped by ministry experts and mentors, as well as be encouraged in your unique calling as a Senior Pastor, we want to invite you to a conversation. Find out more information here, as well as how to contact us today to be a part of this and other Leader groups.

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