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Senior Pastor Conversations of Great Impact

June 2, 2016

What if you were able to have a 1-1 conversation with a ministry expert that could add speed and clarity to developing the leaders within your staff?  What if you were able to talk with other Senior Pastors about their best practices regarding sermon prep, staffing decisions, time management, Sabbath, or family dynamics?  What if generosity became an active and vibrant part of your church culture, affecting multiple generations?  Alumni of our Senior Pastor groups say that conversations they have had with other Senior Pastors, Mentors, and Experts at their cohort meetings have hugely impacted their ministry in these ways.  The ideas and innovations they’ve heard and conversed about were brought back to their church and implemented, resulting in better leaders, faster growth, and greater generosity.  Even more impactful, one Senior Pastor stated that “these guys encourage me like few others and our time together is great for my soul.” 

We are beginning a new Next Generation Pastors in October for Senior Pastors who are age 25-42, leading a church with a weekly worship attendance of approximately 1000+.  We have a limited number of spots available for this group.  If you desire to connect with Senior Pastors in similar stages of life and ministry, be equipped by ministry experts and mentors, as well as be encouraged in your unique calling as a Senior Pastor, we want to invite you to a conversation. Find out more information here, as well as how to contact us today to be a part of this and other Leader groups.

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