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Selecting Locations for Additional Campuses

September 18, 2013

In recent years, a number of visionary church leaders have joined the multi-site revolution to expand the gospel’s reach into different parts of their cities, their states, and even to other countries. These leaders have developed innovative multi-site strategies that fit their particular cultures, their resources, and the opportunities God has given them, and they have developed their own criteria for selecting sites for new campuses.

Leadership Network’s concept paper, Selecting Locations for Additional Campuses…Whether it’s Your Second of Fifteenth Site, previously published by Pat Springle and Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

A number of findings surfaced, highlights include:

“It’s not about growing church; it’s about mobilizing people to reach their communities.”

“The choice of a new campus site is a function of the desire and design of the church’s mission.”

“Many large churches have been forced to consider adding additional sites because people in their

congregations drive for 30-60 minutes each way to attend.”

“Some pastors believe a multi-site strategy provides an opportunity to develop leaders.

“The selection of specific facilities is determined by a host of factors, including the philosophy and

strategy of growth, church’s budget constraints, and opportunities God presents to the church



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