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June 14, 2010

We’re often asked about organizations that can help churches find senior level staff. I always encourage church leaders first to look from within their church membership, and also among the relational networks of key leaders within their church. “Hiring from within” is often the better pathway.

However, when that doesn’t work, also consider these search organizations:

Scott williams Carlos whitaker
includes Scott Williams  and Carlos Whittaker

Justinlathrop, includes Justin Lathrop: (worship leaders), Monty Kelso: (executive pastors)


Lots More

A Google search for “pastor search” or “minister search” or “clergy search” (without the quotes) will yield a bunch of groups, including these: (Southern Baptist)


Help Us

Please add comments below with other groups, and if possible, the specialty they represent.


Warren Bird, Ph.D., is research director for Leadership Network. Contact him at

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