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Sam Chand: The Game Changer is Always People

March 21, 2011

The Game Changer is Always People

The game changer for me became people. It became people for me in November 1973. People talk about Thanksgiving. I wondered what I would do.

The Newsomes, a neighbor family, invited me to Thanksgiving with them. That day I understood the game changer is always people.
The answer to every problem is a person. As I rewind my own life story, I can think about people who believed in me. The best gift one human being gives another is the gift of believing in the other person.

They opened doors for me, introduced me to others. They were way ahead of me. They were thinking ahead of me, bigger than me, better than me. They were generous with their time, resources, and in making connections for me. My life has become connecting others to others.

Valuing people.
When you are relationship centric that’s where good things happen.

A lot of people are transactional, but I’m relational because I understand the power of people. The Bible says what you sow, so you shall reap.
When you sow people, you reap people. I have chosen to sow relationships. Today people call me the connector. The person who makes sure everybody in the room knows everyone else in the room.

Discussion Questions:

1. Are you transactional or relational by nature?
2. How would making generous investment in people change your impact as a leader?

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