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Our Most Important Survey Helps Your Church’s Salaries, Benefits, Staffing and Budget

March 13, 2018

Our 2018 Survey of Large Church Salary, Staffing and Benefits is now LIVE and ready for participants!

Widely known as our “salary survey,” this research identifies benchmarks, ratios and salary numbers that have become the gold standard for compensation and financial planning in larger churches.

It’s free to participate, and if you do so, you’ll receive a bunch of exclusive perks. Our logic echoes the little red hen children’s story where those who contribute their efforts get access to some of the finished products that result.

The survey’s opening page explains the many freebies you receive. One is a report named “50 Great Ways Large Churches Save Money,” uniquely created for salary survey participants. Another is an invitation for anyone in your church to a “first findings” video webcast including Q&A with the survey director – that would be me. It’s open only to churches that participated in the survey.

We’ve created trusted compensation reports for pastors, boards and church HR leaders since 2001. And we specialize in keeping all participant names and churches private and confidential.

Please take a look at what our latest survey offers.

Click below to look at all the benefits you receive (page 1) and the survey FAQs (page 2):

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