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7 Vital Benchmarks in Church Compensation – Findings from the Large Church Salary, Staff and Benefits Survey


By Warren Bird, PhD. Insights from the large church salary, staff and benefits survey. This fresh research, based on what 1,045 large churches told us, offers valuable insight on these need-to-know questions:

1. What were the most recent annual pay raises?

2. What percent of church budget goes to staffing costs, and how does that change with church size?

3. How does rate of a church’s growth (or lack of growth) affect compensation?

4. Does being multisite increase the senior pastor’s pay?

5. Do founding pastors earn more than successor pastors?

6. How does local cost of living affect pastoral compensation?

7. Who gets paid highest? How far away is the #2 person from the top person’s pay level?

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2018 Compensation Tables: Are You Paying Your Church Staff too Much? Too Little? Or Just Right? Get the Right Answer!


Each compensation table package is based on an attendance range you select. It covers up to 30 top roles, but looks at those roles through three different lenses:

  • by church attendance
  • by church budget
  • by number of church staff

Leadership Network has done large-church compensation studies since 2001. Our data represents 13,039 employees from 1,045 large churches in the U.S. and Canada.

Each table provides information on a specific salary range for each role: 25th percentile, 50th percentile (median), and 75th percentile.

BONUS: In addition, we point you to census data with guidance on how you can calculate cost of living adjustments for your specific area.

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Our individualized report will provide your team with analysis of the specific roles you want to check against other peers. Our report will draw from almost 20,000 different individual salaries from large churches in the U.S. and Canada, as well as several other data sources necessary for competent benchmarking.

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Other Reports Available

Free Financial Infographics

Leaders constantly monitor their budget trends, so Leadership Network has prepared two infographics, each drawn from original research and each designed to provide helpful benchmarks from the latest in large-church research. 12 Top Salary Trends Every Church Leader Should Know from the 2016 Large Church Salary Study, and How Can These 13 Vital Benchmarks Increase Generosity In Your Church?

How Can Big Data Increase Generosity in Your Church? 13 Vital Benchmarks to Assess Giving Potential

Church leaders teach their congregations to put God first in their finances, but they often don’t know how to assess their progress. The finance team may calculate a benchmark, only to wonder, “Are our numbers normal? high? low?” We sat down with the number crunchers at MortarStone, which has analyzed more than $1.5 billion in personal church giving and asked them to calculate various benchmarks.

Inside Job: Large Church HR Directors Offer Unique Perspective on Their Work

The average tenure for full-time paid staff in larger churches is 6.7 years, according to a research project fielded by Leadership Network. This average is longer than in most occupations, whether the public or the private sector, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This and other helpful insights come from a short, richly illustrated report. The information comes from a 2016 Leadership Network survey.

Lean Staffing: Churches That Handle Staff Costs in Under 35% of Budget

Highlights from of a Leadership Network study of churches we describe as “lean staff” – where 35% or less of the total budget goes to staff costs.


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