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Sabotage – Leadership is Dead

May 16, 2011

My friend Jeremie Kubicek has recently written a book called: Leadership is Dead:  How Influence is Reviving It.  What a great title!  He’s a thought from the book from Jeremie:

Is it possible to sabotage yourself?

That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Why would you do that? It is possible. Infact I know it happens to a lot of us everyday. Here is how…

The more we GET, the more we try to retain and protect. The more weGET the more we preserve.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mortgage, a family, or a leadership position thatholds us accountable for the livelihood of others…. We’re like little kidswith our arms wrapped around our “stuff” saying,

“Mine!” But it’s aboutmuch more than stuff isn’t it? The more responsibility, or “power” that weobtain as a leader… the more we try to protect it. The more perks weget…the more we want more or at least what we have.  

The overprotection of what we have received is called self-preservationand it is the primary source of sabotage that leaders use on themselvesto make them less effective. Why? It’s simple.

Self-preservation puts thefocus on us and not them. This process hamstrings even the best leadersfor you see, as a leader, it is all about them, not all about you.

When sabotage happens people look for who did it. When self-preservation occurs look no further than you.

If you can begin to stop fixating on what you might lose and learn to helpothers gain what they want then you have started the process of losing anyself-sabotage. The key is self-awareness followed up with a responsiveplan of action to intervene in the next attempt to overprotect and defendwhat your are afraid of losing.

ABOUT JEREMIE KUBICEK:  Jeremie Kubicek is the author of the newly released book, Leadership is Dead:How Influence is Reviving It. He is the CEO of GiANT Impact, a leader developmentcompany whose focus is to awaken leaders by raising their capacity to lead. GiANTalso owns Catalyst and produces the Chick-fil-A Leadercast You can follow him onTwitter at @JeremieKubicek or his blog at

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