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“Sabbaticals for Pastors, 2 great articles” and Other Recent Tweets

March 20, 2014

Please take a quick skim of these recent tweets (@warrenbird), just in case you missed any that you’d find helpful.

twitter phone icon1. Sabbaticals for pastors, two great articles, one by @warrenbird and next by @ThomRainer

2. Would your leadership development team benefit from thinking about leadership development in different ways? 

3. Hispanic ministry advice for non-hispanics. 

4. Largest research project to date on multisite churches – Leadership Network/Generis Multisite Church Scorecard.

5. Who reads the Bible and why, new study, good insights.

6. What % of population born in your state still live there? Hi-Lo: LA (74%), MI, OH, PA, MS… AZ, DC, FL, NV (25%), US Census data.

7. Surprise: KJV Bible not only still more popular than #2 NIV, but still outsells it. 

8. Infographic on multisite from @richbirch, excellent, shows 16 surprising research insights.


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