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Rob Koke: How Far is Heaven?

July 22, 2011

Do everything you possibly can to live with a fresh revelation of Heaven.
– In last year lost son and father. It created a desire in my wife and I to know what their daily lives would be like in Heaven. I researched every book could on Heaven. What I discovered radically changed perspective and priorities and our vision. Never really given even one sermon on topic of Heaven. Shocked and embarrassed.
– We try to bring people to Heaven and we don’t even know what it’s like.
– Spend more energy on vacation than Heaven
– Men and women of the Bible lived with an expectation of the beauty of Heaven. Jonathon Edwards
– Those who think the most about the life to come make the biggest impact on this life.
– Will shape your priorities. Heaven is a radically Godcentered place.
-You live for the applause of another time and place. Gives you the power to persevere. Gives you a powerful vision for changing lives
– Bringing people to Heaven Do everything you possibly can to live and lead with a fresh revelation of Heaven.

Discussion Questions:
1. Briefly outline what you know about Heaven. How would you rate your knowledge?
2. Take a situation you are facing. How does a fresh revelation of Heaven change your perspective?

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