For Large Church Leadership Teams

The greatest threats to the impact your church will have aren’t the issues you’re aware of; the greatest threats are those that aren’t in plain sight.

A New Process for Large Church Executive Teams

In response to the complex organizational needs of the largest churches in North America, Leadership Network has developed an entirely new process to help church leadership teams accelerate growth and multiply impact across the communities they serve. This process has been forged from Leadership Network’s relationship with McKinsey & Company, a global leader in organizational and operational assessment and improvement.

This new process is called the Leadership Network RoadMap. And we believe it’s one of the best things we’ve created for your benefit.

Why RoadMap?

All fast growing, successful organization can get in trouble if they run into unforeseen alignment and capacity problems. RoadMap is designed to help you identify issues you have before they become major problems.

The RoadMap process helps you identify issues and put together a plan before you hit the pain points that are either too expensive or painful to fix.

What is the Leadership Network RoadMap?

RoadMap is a powerful process for your leadership team that takes a proven organizational capacity survey tool used by thousands of leading companies and ministries worldwide, and combines it with Leadership Network’s expertise in facilitating church leadership teams from ideas to implementation to impact.

Seemingly small areas of capacity shortage or misalignment can slow your ministry growth and impact. Over time, that represents a tremendous loss in resources and opportunity. Identification of these items sets the table for developing solutions that accelerate your work, multiply your impact, and minimize loss in momentum. That’s what RoadMap is all about.

What Does the RoadMap Process Include?

  • proven online leadership self-assessment tool for up to 50 leaders on your team.
  • Low leadership team time investment as the online assessment of capacity and alignment takes only 60-75 minutes.
  • Comprehensive reporting across 9 categories of Alignment and Capacity, with attractive charts that celebrate strengths and identify potential priority areas of focus.
  • A 4-6 hour on-site facilitated de-brief with your leadership team facilitated by Leadership Network to review and guide your your team to address HOW you can begin to build on the strengths and meet the challenges discovered.

What Can You and Your Leadership Team Expect?

There are five key benefits you will experience as part of the RoadMap process:

  1. It serves YOUR unique vision and mission, not someone else’s idea about what is right for your church.
  2. It quickly identifies what is in alignment and what is not across nine broad areas of your church’s ministry structure. It builds on strengths and helps your team establish the areas where vision/mission alignment is weak.
  3. It substantially increases engagement of the true leaders of your church that YOU select to move forward into the future.
  4. Engaging your board in the RoadMap process brings your board in closer alignment with the whole team as the board, staff AND Senior Leadership get on the same page.
  5. It is fast. The entire process can be started and completed usually within 45 days. Leadership Network provides on-site facilitation with up to a team of 50 of my paid and volunteer leaders and board members.

Want to find out more about Roadmap?

Have questions regarding whether or not RoadMap could be a fit for your church? Arrange a free, exploratory call with one of our RoadMap Directors. Simply complete the form below.

What Pastors Are Saying About RoadMap

“The [RoadMap] assessment and process was powerfully affirming as it identified team strengths, and strategically helpful as collaborative solutions and plans were developed by the whole team.”

Dan Kellogg, Lead PastorGoldcreek Community Church

"The entire RoadMap process was eye-opening, encouraging, and extremely helpful. We walked out of the room knowing exactly what 'next steps' we needed to take as a church. No one knows themselves as thoroughly as they think they do and that's why the scientific nature of this process is so helpful. It eliminates all the guesswork and simply reveals where you truly are, not where you think you are, or where you hope you are. Want to streamline to move forward? Engage in the RoadMap process."

Michael Fletcher, Lead PastorManna Church

What Is the Cost?

The Leadership Network RoadMap is a $10,000 investment. To get started, simply complete the form and we will arrange a phone conversation. For additional details, download the process overview deck below.

RoadMap Deck