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Road trip stop at The Well in Fresno

July 23, 2009

Continuing my multi-site church road trip, after my stops at 3 campuses of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in the Silicon Valley, I headed southeast towards Fresno. 3 hours later, I checked into my hotel room and took a breather.

The Well - Fig Garden 6:00pm. 1st stop: Fig Garden. I stop by The Well Community Church’s Fig Garden campus. This worship service meets on Sunday evenings at the campus of The Cross Church, and it happened to be just a couple blocks away from where I was staying. Makes you want to believe in providential sovereignty. I wanted to walk onto the campus even though I wasn’t able to catch the full service, and did. (I thought it was important to take a break after a long drive and freshen up.)

The Well - North CampusI heard the closing announcements as I walk up to the courtyard. And before you know it, the worship celebration is over, and people start trickling out. I saw a lot more people with tattoos and piercings here than I did at the previous church. I think to myself: The Well sure is reaching a different group of people!

(I tuck in a fast-food restaurant run en route to my final destination.)

7:00pm. 2nd stop: North campus. My oh my! The parking lot is full, the streets nearby are starting to fill, and overflow parking drive up the curbs to park on the lawn. I felt lucky to find a parking spot, and strolled on in. The energy was buzzing way before the worship service started. Lots of college students filled the auditorium, and you.. Apparently people keep coming, and it’s been bursting at the seams for months now. A good problem to have, as it’s been said.

  overflow parking   evening worship

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