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February 7, 2011

Five Things Keeping Christians Out of Church

Game changers can go either way. I’m sharing a positive.
John 4:35

“Do you not say 4 months more, then the harvest? I tell you open your eyes now and look at the fields.”
A lot of people in ministry say “later on.”

How to have a church that is good at reaching the lost. Barna study – 30 million people who used to be in church but are no longer

Top five reasons:
1. Their kids didn’t want to go (kids decide where to go to church).
2. The people at church are weird, hypocritical, and unlike me (hide the worst).
3. The church just wants my money (and they do not want me).
4. The sermons are not relevant to the real world (the Bible is very relevant).
5. They don’t like the music (we program for what we like).

Game changer – lift up your eyes and see the harvest right now. Make some adjustments and reach the harvest right now.

Discussion Questions:
1. In your ministry context, where is the harvest being “overlooked?”
2. What adjustments could you make in the next 2 months to reach those people?

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