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Of course, microchurch is not a new form of the church, but the most ancient one. A compelling case can be made that the microchurch is the original design within the pages of the New Testament. In addition, it is also the primary expression of the church in the most significant Disciple-Making Movements on the planet today, in places like India and China. Now is the time for us to return to the microchurch in the West for biblical, cultural, and missiological reasons.

Learn from Leading microchurch pioneers and practitioners

Brian Sanders, Rob Wegner, Rodrigo Cano, Stacy Gaskins, Dave Ferguson, Dori Yuen, Peyton Sanders, Brian Johnson, and more.

Sometimes called Web 3.0, the metaverse, shows incredible potential for the future Church. From the communities based in virtual reality to the potential communication channels influenced by augmented reality to the cultural shift towards decentralization influenced by cryptocurrencies and blockchain, our world will look very different thanks to the metaverse. 

What role does the Church play in the metaverse? What role does the metaverse play in the Church?

An unparalleled lineup of metaverse practitioners to guide you through these conversations

Jeff Reed, Jason Poling, Mindy Caliguire, Chestley Lunday, Adam Graber, L Michelle, Stuart McPherson, DJ Soto, and more.

So many times all of us can check those boxes and more, but what about this box? Do you have a recurring funding structure that will sustain the ministry long term? 

Most of us understand that we must make sacrifices, that we must be good stewards, and that ministry is not a vehicle to land you on any Forbes list! But, financial security is bigger than that. It can impact the health of your family and marriage. It can be a sustainer or detractor of hope, joy and passion in ministry. In fact, it ultimately can be the difference between throwing in the towel or growing what you’ve already begun.

Experience speaks. Successful experience speaks loudly. Hear from successful speakers with real-world experience.

We are fighting. Fighting against the hip to find sustainable hope. But… We are weary. Weary because we’ve been fighting alone. Yet… We are hoping. Hoping because we are firmly convinced of the promises He’s given. And… we are loving. Loving because we know that love transcends all of this world. Are you looking for a family that loves you and wants to sit back and rap with you for a few hours to encourage you, to embrace you, and to join with you? Join us.

Learn from some of the top minds in youth and young adult ministry.

Speakers include Grant Skeldon, Luke Lezon, Sav Crow, Reggie Hill, Hannah Gronowski Barnett, Micah Steger,and more,