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Religion Reporters: We’ve Got Great Resources as You Write for Holy Week and Easter

March 21, 2016

By Warren Bird





Leadership Network’s website offers a wealth of resources to help any researcher, from religion reporter to teaching pastor. With more than 1,000 blogs plus at least 200 concept papers and reports, chances are that you’ll find good material with whatever keyword you put in the “search” function (upper right-hand area of our home page).



As an alternate to using the “search” function, try any of these direct links to collections of articles that we’ve already compiled for you, all free:

  1. Lots of research pieces about churches with 2,000 or more in weekly worship. For the financial aspects of large churches see
  2. This profiles global megachurches, including FAQs about US megachurches.
  3. This highlights a recent study of Canada’s largest-attendance churches.
  4. This highlights a recent study of churches that offer internships and/or ministry residencies.
  5. or or Lists of videos, books or podcasts we’ve helped publish.
  6. This is our free email with trends, ideas and resources for leaders of growing or larger churches, including many stories of ministry innovation in specific churches.
  7. This gives you a great list of people you can contact for quotes or additional perspectives.

 We look forward to putting great tools in your hands!


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