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Reggie Joiner: What god Is Up to In Our Lives

July 6, 2011

What will we do to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ? What happened to cause us to grow? – What were the catalysts, the mile markers the defining moments? We told our stories. Realized they came back to 4-5 patterns. – Life changing truths that, once they became real to us, we understood a truth in a way we had never understood it before. – Significant relationships in our lives: Moments when people showed up at the right time (as if God has orchestrated them). – A time when someone helped us to prayer, read scripture, what the spiritual disciplines meant. – Some of us had pivotal circumstances. Out of our control, good, negative, traumatic. To draw us to himself, to understand our relationship with Him at a different level. – Got involved in ministry/discovered our personal gifts and applied them to the Kingdom. God used us in a way different than we ever imagined. Caused us to grow. Looking at discipleship in most churches in a one dimensional way. much of the church had been programmed to think discipleship just about the first principle – the idea of life changing truth. – many of our churches built around teaching. If God really does deliver truth through relationships we need to be significant about doing that. – We recognized the importance of spiritual disciplines. Need to help people understand how to pray, listen to God, and connect with God – We were sabotaging spiritual growth if we didn’t give opportunity on weekly or monthly basis to serve and experience what God wanted to do through their life (especially youth). Game changer because we’d looked at discipleship through a lens.

Discussion Questions:
1. Share your stories about how you have grown in Christ.
2. Identify the patterns. How do they compare to the patterns Reggie shares?

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