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Recovery and Compassion Outreach

February 14, 2012

It is always a joy to share the success of great Christian leaders!  As is the case with Jorge Acevedo, Lead Pastor of Grace Church, a multisite in Cape Coral/Ft. Myers, FL area, and Alumni of Leadership Network’s Recovery Church Leadership Community.  The story of Grace Church was most recently highlighted in Bridges to Grace, part of the Leadership Network Innovation Series.  

As one of the largest recovery ministries in American, Jorge and the staff of Grace Church wanted to reach out to other ministries who sought to empower the poor and marginalized.  “Grace In Action Weekends” were developed “for pastors, staff and leaders who desire to see and learn about developing a transformational ministry culture in the local church.”  A three-day event, “Grace In Action Weekends” enables teams to experience and learn about the vision and strategy of Grace Church.  There is much focus on recovery (Celebrate Recovery) and compassion outreach (Third Saturday Outreach), with attendees witnessing and participating in each of the recovery programs.  How better to understand the gravity of the impact of a recovery and compassion ministry then to worship and walk side-by-side with the people it reaches weekly.  The next “Grace In Action Weekend” is scheduled for April 20-22, 2012. 

For additional information, visit their website.  


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