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Reaching Unchurched Millennials – Media Interruptions

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What are you doing to try and reach Millennials that won’t easily attend church by way of invitation?

There’s an interesting new strategy being launched in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area built around “media interruptions”. A ministry called “Groundwire,” lead by Sean Dunne, working with local area churches, has launched an extensive media campaign to get Millennials attention.

Under the campaign banner of jesuscares.com, the media campaign will see nearly 2000 felt needs commercials per week- on television and radio hit the airwaves over multiple weeks.

According to Dunne, most unchurched Millennials don’t get up each day thinking about God or eternity. Instead they think about their challenges and their struggles. They don’t connect Jesus or Christianity to their needs- thus, according to Dunne, is why they need a media interruption. The strategy is as follows:

INTERRUPTION: Instead of offering them an invitation that they can reject, we interrupt their media with messages of hope.

CONVERSATION: Millennials are tired of the Monologue they perceive from the church, but they are open to conversations. 24 hours a day live coaches are available to talk about their faith or struggles. They want someone to listen and not judge them.

COMMITMENT: The goal is to introduce them to Jesus and see them respond to His offer of grace.

COMMUNITY: It is the goal that chatters would leave connected to Christ and to a local church.

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