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Rafael Castillo: One Night Stand

March 14, 2011

One Night … STAND!
Numbers 25 – 24,000 people dead because God sent a plague.
Israelites not worshipping God. Bowed to Baal of Peor. The Lord’s anger burned.
Willingness to sin provokes God’s anger. Discipline doesn’t come to inflict pain, but with a redemptive purpose.
v.4 – deal with the sin
v. 5 – deal with the sin
v. 6 – man and Moabite woman come to tent (sin in the midst)
v. 7-8 – Phinehas, the game changer, killed both the man and the woman
THEN the plague was stopped.
Stand up and deal with the sin.
If we don’t deal with it, God’s going to deal with it. Psalm 106:30 – But Phinehas stood up, and intervened, and the plague was checked. If someone writes a song about me, I want them to write “He stood up.”

The Bible says it was credited to him for righteousness for generations to come.
I want to be a game changer. I want you to be a game changer.

Discussion Questions:
1. What is your first, gut-level reaction to Phinehas killing the man and woman? Does it seem extreme? Would you have done the same?
2. Where is an area in your ministry or community that needs someone to stand up?

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