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Questions Millennials Ask about Jesus

July 30, 2016

by Warren Bird

cover2Like many others, I’m wanting to understand more about engaging Millennials — the group whose ages are late teens to early thirties, by broadest definition. Beyond the stereotypes of their constant use of technology, how do they think? What questions do they have?

The book What Good Is Jesus? takes you to the front lines as a young adult pastor recounts his experiences in trying to engage and better understand his own generation.

Marv captures well the skepticism, honest inquiry, and distinct value base of his generation. He models how leaders, by asking questions, can find greater responsiveness and receptivity. He doesn’t avoid tough questions, but instead tackles issues head-on with love and wisdom, examining sexuality, politics, racial tensions, suffering, and more.

Marv also unpacks how to be authentic and vulnerable, while keeping the focus on Jesus, not the speaker. He decodes the power of relationships in answering tough questions. The strength of having personal connections can help you, as Marv demonstrates, not back down from going after the tough issues millennials bring up.

You can get the book here at or here on Amazon.

And yes, if you study the cover image, you’ll see my name. I enthusiastically wrote the Foreword to the book.

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