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Latest Research on Multisite, Church Planting and Launching

February 15, 2018

Leadership Network’s two most recent research reports, both sponsored by Portable Church Industries, are below. Read below on how to access the reports.

Watch the online briefing for the Latest Multisite Trends Report here.

Latest Multisite Trends: How a New Generation of Pastors Is Shifting to Strategies that Reproduce and Multiply 

(This is the latest report to be released. Visit this page to learn more about the research and access the full report.)

  • Multisite churches rate themselves 82% likely to launch another church/campus than those that have never done so.
  • Half of new congregations are in portable environments such as schools, theaters or other borrowed spaces.
  • Those in portable environments grow 12% faster on an annual basis.
  • A multisite campus is 2.5 times more likely to have trained future campus pastor or church planter.

8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses

(This link also includes the free infographic “5 Compelling, New Reasons To Start A Church Or Campus”)

  • 83% of surveyed pastors (lead pastors or multisite campus pastors) under age 40 have a future vision to plant/launch a new campus or church
  • Churches saw a 22% increase in annual growth during the past 5 years in newer campuses and church plants by pastors under the age of 40, compared to older pastors in the same circumstances.
  • 19% of pastors aged 21-39 say that they have already trained a future campus pastor at their church.

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