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Grow Your Church with the Power of Big Data

Join the webinar and learn how your church can use the power of big data to attract more people to your church and engage them for the long run.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
1 PM Eastern
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What will be presented?

More than 51% of Americans say that church is unimportant. Put another way – you need to show people how your message is relevant to their lives.

In this webinar we’ll talk with church growth and data experts at Gloo. Together we’ll show you how you can use data insights about your community to tailor your message, reach more people and turn that statistic around. You’ll learn:

  • Why relevance is behind the decline in church attendance
  • Everything you need to know about big data
  • How real churches are using data today to tailor their message
  • What you can do today to start using data in your church

FUN FACT: Churches who use big data to tailor their message have documented a 20% increase in church attendance in one year.


What’s scheduled?

The one hour webinar will start at 1PM Eastern time and will consist of a conversation  with Gloo’s church growth and data experts followed with an interactive question and answer session.


Who should watch?

You and your team!

Invite your Lead or Senior Pastor, whoever oversees outreach and communications, and anyone who works closely with church records and data.

Additionally, if you have a marketing person in-house or contracted, ask them to tune in as well.


What’s the cost?

Nothing. The webinar is 100% free.


How will you follow up?

You’ll get a bounceback email with a link to the webinar. During the webinar we’ll discuss next steps and we’ll also send a recorded version to everyone who signs up.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
1 PM Eastern
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