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PH.D. Freddy Cardoza talks Technology, the Church, & the future of Seminaries: Episode 152

December 29, 2015

Jay interviews Freddy Cardoza about technology, the church, and the future of seminaries. Jay ask Freddy the following questions:

How much should church leaders/pastors think about using technology in their ministry? Should technology be more integrated into colleges/seminaries?

Do you think seminaries will be just as relevant and practical for church leaders/pastors 10 years from now with the growth of online training being available and free?

Should churches being doing more live training in person/on-site or on-demand online training?

What are some creative new trends with technology/online etc. that you think will impact the church/ministries in the next 3-5 years?

Show Notes for PH.D. Freddy Cardoza Talks Technology, the Church, & the Future of Seminaries: Episode 152

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