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Permission Granted: Churches Giving Marketplace Leaders the Green Light for Kingdom Impact

July 27, 2015

Green-LightPioneering churches have discovered two factors that can help them move more marketplace leaders toward Kingdom impact

1) Marketplace leaders want to change the world—we must give them captivating opportunities to pursue.

2) Marketplace leaders are carrying God-sized visions in their hearts—unearth them.

Leadership Network’s concept paper, Permission Granted: Churches Giving Marketplace Leaders the Green Light for Kingdom Impact, previously published by Andy Williams and Dennis Welch explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“If somebody walks in with a great idea for a new ministry, we tell them, ‘that’s a good idea’. Go for it.”

“We’re finding out the best thing we can do for our marketplace leaders who want to do ministry is help get the right resources in their hands… and stay out of the way.”

“We believe it’s time for churches to put a stake down in their communities and beyond, we want to help business leaders perform those good works God had in mind all along.”

“We think the church historically has not cast a compelling vision, and that’s why it has had trouble finding marketplace leaders who will help.”

“We are challenging successful marketplace leaders to figure out a way to do what they already do, and bring their substantial gifts and talents to bear in the church and in the community.”


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