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Peppermint-filled pinatas

March 25, 2009


Eric Bryant rocks… for a self-confessing Bald white guy.  Peppermint-filled pinatas is a hilarious read, weaving in biblical truths and mostly embarrassing stories from Bryant's own life – From his many attempts at serving outsiders, to a turning point relationship with his father, and even a lesbian encounter that had me laughing out loud.  

Some quotes I enjoyed
– the church was still something I had to endure, one of the sacrifices god was calling me to make…
– more people see christianity as part of their past rather than as a guiding force for their future
– we want to live in an environment where the laws or policies enforce our beliefs and morality rather than engaging a lost and broken world where they live.
The most convicting personal innovation mentioned in the book would be his suggestion of not inviting people to parties, but accepting other people's invitations as well.  One one level this speaks to us living lives where are presence is desired of course.  But on another level it's about entering a space that we don't own or control.  I expect everyone to attend my parties, but maybe I should take some of the 172 invitations i have waiting in my facebook account a bit more seriously.  
Eric tackles moving from tolerance to love, with raw honesty, and redemptively.  Afterall, aren't a lot of us 'bald white guys' on the inside?

Lon Wong

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