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Patrick Lencioni: Tough Love

July 27, 2011

Tough Love Realize that when you shift into the management role, you have to very clearly compartmentalize that you are not in the same role as the spiritual leader. There are those moments when you have to manage the people who are co-ministering to your congregation. You have to be able to give them tough love to better serve your church. A lot of well-intentioned pastors struggle with that, and continue to minister to their employees. Sometimes that means managing them out of the organization – not as a member of the congregation but as an employee. The advice I would give you is this: • When you manage your people, remind them this is hard for you. • Help them understand though you’re their spiritual leader, you also have to be a manager. • You’re going to have to do things that are sometimes tough. • In the moment they may not love you for it. • It’s out of love for the congregation, and ultimately for them, that you are doing it. This is so difficult, but it’s something all pastors have to confront. You are going to fail. We know that – in the Bible Jesus makes it very clear that we are sinners, and we know we are not perfect. When we fail in our leadership role, the guilt can be overwhelming. • That is probably rooted in pride. • Learn to forgive yourself. Come to grips with that fact that you’re going to fail. • You’re going to feeling like a failure at times. • Prepare yourself for that. • God’s grace will pull you through.

Discussion Questions: 1. Have you “come to grips” with that fact you will fail? If yes, describe how you arrived at that point. If no, describe where you are struggling. 2. Consider how you are “wired.” Do you lean to ministering to employees or managing employees? What steps can you take to improve your performance as a manager?

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