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The future of your ministry requires knowledge and strategy custom-tailored for your team and your church.

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For more than 30 years our team at Leadership Network has been serving church leaders like you, helping them achieve twice the results in half the time. Over the years we have developed a network of trusted experts, experienced practitioners, and proven resources ready to address your greatest need and multiply the impact of your church.

We can help you find the right solutions to:

  • Generosity and Stewardship – Do you want to see your people grow in generosity and giving as you fund the vision God has for your church?
  • Leadership Development – Are you developing the quantity and quality of leaders needed to grow your church?
  • Multisite – Are you launching your first campus or growing to 4, 5, or 10 locations?
  • Missional Engagement – Do you have a vision for every member in your church to have a Kingdom impact outside your church?
  • Personal Development – Has the growth of your church outpaced your growth as a leader? A group of true peers and experienced mentors can accelerate your growth as a leader.
  • RoadMap for Growth – Do you have a process to evaluate the growth potential of your church and develop a clear path to the next level?

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What Pastors Are Saying About Leadership Network

"Leadership Network, more than any organization, has empowered us to maximize our potential and opportunities to make the greatest Kingdom impact. "

Steve Stroope, Lead PastorLake Pointe Church