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Pastor Brady Boyd Speaks Candidly on Pastoral Succession

April 29, 2013

Nearly six years ago, Brady Boyd, pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, stepped into a nightmare–he followed a nationally prominent pastor after a very public and very humiliating public moral failure.

Watch the video to find out what Brady learned from his experience.

This is just one of several revealing interviews from our recent Succession event – an online conference from Leadership Network… 

According to Lyle Schaller, “The larger the church, the longer the tenure, and the sharper the growth pattern, the more crucial is succession and the more difficult to work it out.”

During Leadership Network's recent online video conference, “Succession: Essential Learnings on Healthy Church Leadership Transitions,” interviews came from more than 25 leaders who have experienced both great and not-so-great transitions. We heard from Max Lucado, Jonathan Falwell, Brady Boyd, Jim Garlow, Francis Chan, Dr. Robert A. Schuller, Jason Meyer, Jason Gerdes, Gene Getz and others…all of whom openly shared their succession and transition experience.

We believe the Succession event is a valuable resource to your and your team as you evaluate the next season for your church.  It's never too early to start planning, and the Succession event will help you do that.

The entire 5 hour conference is available as streaming video, and our full conference companion guide gives you speaker bios and full notes for the entire conference.

To gain access to the Succession event, click here.

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