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Our Best Reports and Downloads from 2016

December 12, 2016


This year our research team published reports and infographics based on eight separate research studies. Many of these are free, while a few are available for a fee. Below is a summary of everything we released in 2016, along with a few bonus reports from within the past 16 months, just to round things out.

Metrics that Matter: Vital Signs Monitored by Large Churches – What numbers do large churches regularly track beyond attendance and giving?

2 Free Financial Infographics – Download a visual summary of the 12 trends from our large church salary study, as well as the 13 vital benchmarks of generous churches.

Open for Christmas on Sunday…Mostly! – larger churches gear up for big weekends.

• 12 Salary Trends Every Church Leader Should Know: 2016 Large Church Salary Study – two version are available: a free, executive summary, or the expanded report available for $499. (Both are described at

How Can Big Data Increase Generosity In Your Church? This report includes the 13 vital benchmarks that can help assess your congregation’s giving, as well as information on how to take advantage of MortarStone’s financial tools to help you take a closer look at your church’s data.

Evangelism and Externally Focused Ministry: How People Are Coming to Faith as Churches Do Good in the Community – Read about churches that are thriving and defying the statistics of the Church in decline.

Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches – Multisite, online, and having a clear sense of mission and purpose.

Leaders in Training: Internships and Residencies Help Churches Shape Future Leaders – What 328 churches told us about their internships and residency programs.

Inside Job: Large Church HR Directors Offer Unique Perspectives on Their Work – What does hiring look like at large churches? Where do you find the best leaders?

Large Canadian Churches Draw an Estimated 300,000 Worshippers Each Week – And other findings from a National study.

Campus Pastor as Key to Multisite Success – New research, and sample job descriptions. Plus, 30 Multisite Campus Pastor Job Descriptions.

Succession Readiness: Surveying the Landscape of Large Church Pastors – How would you rate efforts at planning for the senior pastor’s eventual succession from this church? Includes helpful next steps to improve your planning process.

All these and more can be found at

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