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Our 2018 Top Resources for Church Leaders

November 13, 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to take a moment to highlight the resources that you and thousands of leaders like you found most valuable for your ministries. We’re running this post a little early this year as some of these resources will be important to you as you make plans and set budgets for the coming year. The best part for you: 5 out of the 6 top resources for 2018 are FREE.

Without further ado, here are our Top 6 Resources for 2018!

#1 – 2018 Large Church Compensation Report Executive Summary (Free Download)

It should come as no surprise that our bi-annual report on large church salary, staffing and benefits was the most downloaded resource we published in 2018. As of this writing, this report was downloaded by almost 3000 leaders across North America.

The report, titled 7 Vital Benchmarks in Church Compensation – Findings from the Large Church Salary, Staff and Benefits Survey (whew!), outlines key insights from fresh research based on survey responses from more than 1000 large churches.

Want to stay current on large church compensation trends? Click or tap the banner below to grab your copy.

#2 – Multisite Latest Trends 2018 (Free Download)

Our most recent multisite report, titled Latest Multisite Trends: How a New Generation of Pastors Is Shifting to Strategies that Reproduce and Multiply (we love long titles!), is part of a 2017 research project conducted in partnership with Portable Church. This free report illustrates the various ways younger leaders are envisioning, planning and multiplying leaders and congregations throughout North America.

To get some insight into the thinking of the next generation of multisite leaders, click or tap on the banner below.

#3 – 2018 Large Church Compensation Tables (Premium Product)

Due to the popularity of our large church compensation research, our third most popular resource for 2018 is a premium product for executive level leaders: our Large Church Compensation Tables. Each compensation table package is based on an attendance range selected. It covers up to 30 top roles, but looks at those roles through three different lenses:

  • by church attendance
  • by church budget
  • by number of church staff

The data in this resource represents 13,039 employees from 1,045 large churches in the U.S. and Canada, and is the most comprehensive, large church salary table package available.

To learn more about our compensation tables, click or tap on the banner below.

#4 – Senior Pastor Role in Discipling High Capacity Givers (Free Download)

Most churches struggle to engage and disciple the people of wealth in their pews. These are people in your congregation whom God has entrusted for spiritual development and soul shaping beyond the questions of how they handle their wealth. This eBook, sponsored by Empower Generosity, shows leaders 3 critical areas of focus for the senior pastor in moving high-capacity givers in your church from potential donors to fully-devoted disciples.

Download this free resource below.

#5 – 10 Truths of Churches that Do a Great Job at Leadership Development (Free Download)

When we talk with or survey church leaders, leadership development is consistently one of their top concerns, regardless of the size of the church. The greatest limitation on tomorrow’s plans is the inability of churches to identify, engage, develop and deploy capable leaders today. This free resource, which began as a short series of blogs by our DIrector of Leadership Development, Brent Dolfo, is based on insights from helping more than 100 large churches develop a strategic framework for leadership development.

Want to improve your culture and strategy for developing leaders at all levels? Download this resource by clicking or tapping the banner below.

#6 – Big Data Helps Churches Do 5 Things Amazingly Well (Blog Post)

Over the years at Leadership Network we’ve recognized that every thriving and multiplying church has become really good at five things. Each of these five things is critical to the viability and growth of every church. Take just one of them away and the church begins a death spiral.

In the past year we’ve witnessed how information, particularly big data, can amplify a church’s ability to do these five things amazingly well. In this post and its related posts (below the article), Eric Swanson and Matt Engel outline these five things and briefly describe how leveraging the right information at the right time can help churches thrive.

Click or tap the banner below to catch up on this crucial conversation for the 21st Century church.




We hope these resources help you multiply your church’s impact in the coming year. If there is anything we can do to serve you, please let us know!

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