Developing Female Leaders in
Your Church with Kadi Cole

Watch Kadi Cole and Larry Osborne talk about maximizing the potential of women leaders in ministry in this exclusive online session.

Kadi Cole

Author of Developing Female Leaders

Kadi is a founding member of the Women’s Executive Pastor Network and a leading authority in organizational and leadership development in the church today. With a background in executive leadership at a large multisite church, she offers practical strategies and insights on leadership.

Larry Osborne

Senior & Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church

Larry has a passion for leadership, spiritual formation, and discipleship. As a nationally recognized trainer of pastors, he travels extensively, speaking at conferences and mentoring events. Larry has written several books including A Contrarian's Guide to Know God and Lead Like a Shepherd.


In Developing Female Leaders, Kadi unpacks eight best practices that churches can implement to realize the potential of women leaders.

Get this practical guide with up-to-date research and discussion questions to help you develop an action plan to empower female leaders in your church.


Get deeper insights into the book by joining our Developing Female Leaders Masterclass, which will include eight online sessions.

Hosted by Kadi herself, each session will focus on unpacking the eight best practices for developing female leaders in your church.


Here’s a free resource that summarizes seven theological viewpoints about women leading in the Church. Where does your church fall on the spectrum?

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