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NOW RELEASED – 2018 Large Church Compensation Report

July 25, 2018

In partnership with gloo.

After months of surveying, collecting data, crunching numbers, and careful analysis, the latest, most comprehensive large church compensation research project has concluded and is ready for release!

Dr. Warren Bird and his team collected salary and benefits information from 1,045 large churches in the United States and Canada. Data on more than 13,000 staff was analyzed and layered with data from additional sources to provide church leaders with the most fair and competent benchmarking offered anywhere.

3 Ways to Leverage the Data

There are three ways you can access and use the data from the 2018 research project:

#1 – The FREE Executive Summary Report: 7 Vital Benchmarks in Church Compensation.

The free executive summary includes insights centered around seven key questions:

  1. What were the most recent annual pay raises?
  2. What percent of church budget goes to staffing costs, and how does that change with church size?
  3. How does rate of a church’s growth (or lack of growth) affect compensation?
  4. Does being multisite increase the senior pastor’s pay?
  5. Do founding pastors earn more than successor pastors?
  6. How does local cost of living affect pastoral compensation?
  7. Who gets paid highest? How far away is the #2 person from the top person’s pay level?

Our goal is to help church leaders, especially those of innovative larger churches, who want to learn from each other’s practices and build healthier systems for their church. This report highlights our latest landmark study of large-church compensation. This will be a useful document for pastors, ministry leaders, elders, board members, or any other key decision makers in the church.

To download the free executive summary report, click or tap on the button below to be taken to the download page:

#2 – 2018 Large Church Compensation Tables

Are you paying your church staff too much? Too little? Or just right? Just as it is in the secular workplace, it’s important that churches know they are competitive, while at the same time being good stewards of valuable resources. Rather than guessing, our custom compensation tables help you get the right answer. Each compensation table package is based on an attendance range you select. It covers up to 30 top roles, looking at those roles through three different lenses:

  • by church attendance
  • by church budget
  • by number of church staff

We recommend churches and their governing bodies review this information every few years.

Each table provides information on a specific salary range for each role: 25th percentile, 50th percentile (median), and 75th percentile. In addition, we point you to census data with guidance on how you can calculate cost of living adjustments for your specific area. To learn more about our custom compensation tables, click or tap on the button below:

#3 – Custom-Tailored Compensation Report

This is our most comprehensive and directly applicable resource for churches.

Every church is unique. If you are looking for compensation data that is customized for your church, we can create a special report tailored just for your situation. Your individualized report will provide your team with analysis of the specific roles you want to check against other peers. Your tailored report will draw from almost 20,000 different individual salaries from large churches in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, Leadership Network will use several other data sources to provide your oversight team with what it needs to gain clarity in tailoring compensation packages for your unique situation. These include geography, size of ministry, and other factors necessary to do fair, competent benchmarking.

To learn more about our tailored compensation report, click or tap on the button below:

Have questions about any of our salary-related products? Email us at so we can best serve you.

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